RESOURCES - Badges of the time

 You may like to attempt to win a badge from the's how: 


SIGNALLER (1938) Modern adaptations in itallics.

1) Read and send a message of 50 letters or blocks on semaphore flags in 2.30mins (rate of 4 words per min)                 in 3 mins send and recieve a message using semaphore flags.

2) Read and send a message of 50 letters or blocks on morse flags, buzzer or tapper and lamp in 3.20mins (rate of 3 words per min) send and recieve a message in morse using whistle or lamp.

3) Know the long numerals and check letters, alphabetical and numerical signs (semaphore) Know the camp whistle signals an numbers by heart.

4) Know the signs for "full stop", "end of message", "message recieved", "commencing sign" and "general answer"         as above!


CHORAL BADGE (1938) - This is one for the whole Patrol or Company

1) Sing two contrasting songs, one of which should be in parts

2) Sing a descant or a round


LAUNDRESS - a list of useful equipment you may need to complete this badge
1. Reckitt/Colman's blue bag (helped keep ‘whites' "whiter than white"!)

2. Robin starch - small sq. box about 5" x 5" x 5"

3. Lux soap flakes

4. Scrub board/wash board (metal slats inside wooden frame)

5. Old galvanized bucket for soaking, washing

bade1.jpg6. Small flat iron that was heated on an open fire - the iron may be scruffy and/or slightly rusty in places but must NOT be painted over to ‘spiv it up'

7. Scruffy, well used, pitted stick approx 3' long and 2 fingers thick for stirring washing in bucket

8. Old packet of soda for stain removal

9. Wooden scrubbing brush approx 9" long and 3"- 4" wide - tough bristles, no varnish on brush, used for scrubb9ing clothes on wash board

10. Old dollie pegs as made by the gypsies (thin metal band around peg made of wood)

11. Old metal (quite thick) preserving pan could be used to boil teacloths and white napkins

Badge Collections

If you're interested in collecting old badges, there are plenty of groups and clubs around; this one is run by a Leader in Norfolk and concentrates (as the club badge suggests!) only on Girl Guide and Girl Scout badges.