Rosebud 1914 - Mary


Younger girls, eager to join the Girl Guides, but unwilling to wait till they were 11yrs old, began to be linger at Guide meetings.  Inevitably the Guides began to organise them into groups for activities and training, they were formally adopted into the Guide Movement in 1914 and were called "Rosebuds" thier promise badge was designed by Agnes Baden-Powell, sister to Lord Baden-Powell and the "Grandmother" of Guiding.  The Girl Guides Gazette suggested that Rosebuds wear a dark blue skirt, knitted jersey, cap or tam o'shanter and the Rosebud Brooch.


1914-1.jpg 1914-2.jpg
Promise Brooch (replica)

What was her name?
This Rosebud may have been called Mary as this was one of the most popular names at the time.

What kind of things would Mary do as a Rosebud?
Rosebuds didn't have a programme to follow like the Brownies of today. However with the Guides, they did contribute to their local community by doing such things as collecting clothing and household items for the war effort.

As a Rosebud Mary was expected to know how:

✓ The Union Jack is made up and how to fly it
✓ To tie a reef knot, sheetbend, clove hitch, bowline, sheepshank and fisherman's knot
✓ To do bending exercises

Did she work for badges?

No, not until 1917 would Brownies be able to win thier own interest or profiency badges.


Photos and information from 'Guiding Through Time'

available from Girlguiding Scotland