BROWNIE 1915-1933 - Helen

1915-small.jpgThe Rosebuds were not very keen on their name. In 1915 Lord Baden Powell's sister Agnes suggested the name 'Brownies', who were helpful little creatures in a fairy story she loved.

There were several variations of uniforms for the Brownies, of which Helen is wearing a 1915-1916 version. The blue uniform continued as an alternative until 1921.


1915-1.jpg 1915-2.jpg
Promise Badge

The skirt and jersey disappeared and the Brownies wore a tunic dress in brown or navy with a knitted cap or rush hat and brown tie.

Brownies were officially allowed to wear brown socks, as opposed to stockings, though some had been doing so since the First World War!
This Brownie may have been called Helen, as this was one of the most popular names at the time.

What kind of things would Helen do as a Brownie?
By 1916 Brownies could work for the Entrance Test, Second Class Badge and First Class Test.
To pass her First Class Test a Brownie would be expected to:
✓ Clean knives, forks and spoons
✓ Clean boots and know how to dry them when wet
✓ Make dolls' clothes or a Brownie overall
✓ Fold clothes for mangling
✓ Knit a pair of socks or wristlets
✓ Know how to apply a triangular bandage
✓ Understand and carry out six physical exercises
✓ Make a milk pudding
✓ Carry a message of twelve words in her head and deliver it correctly

 Photos and information from 'Guiding Through Time'

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