BROWNIE 1934-1945 - Betty

1934-small.jpgA summer uniform was introduced for the Brownies as well as a cotton cloth hat that soon became the most popular item of head wear. Scottish Brownies were more likely to wear a hand-knitted cap with a tassel. Later they were given an option of wearing a gold rather than a brown tie, as long as the whole Pack wore the same.

1934-1.jpg 1934-2.jpg
Promise badge, Proficiency badges and emblem for 'Six the Elves'

Promise Badge 1941-45

During the Second World War the badge was no longer cut out so it became a solid oval or rectangle in shape. Metal of any kind became so scarce that Brownies were allowed to invent their own Promise Badges for a time.

What was her name?
This Brownie may have been called Betty, as this was one of the most popular names at the time.

What kind of things would Betty do as a Brownie?
Brownies could work for the Entrance Test, Second Class Badge and First Class Test.
To pass her First Class Test a Brownie would be expected to do certain activities including:
✓ Clean knives, forks and spoons
✓ Fold clothes for mangling
✓ Knit a pair of socks or wristlets
✓ Know how to apply a triangular bandage
✓ Understand and carry out six physical exercises
✓ Make a milk pudding
✓ Carry a message of twelve words in her head and deliver it correctly


Photos and information from 'Guiding Through Time'

available from Girlguiding Scotland