BROWNIE 1950-1966 - Dorothy

1950-small.jpg A brown wool beret was introduced for Brownies in 1950, and stockings were removed from the official Brownie uniform list. In 1964 Brownies were also allowed to wear a cardigan!


1950-1.jpg 1950-2.jpg
What kind of things would Dorothy do as a Brownie?
The test was called Golden Hand (First Class) and had four sections. Examples of what they included are:
✓ Intelligence - tie up and address a parcel for the post, using any slip knot
✓ Handicraft - lay and light a fire
✓ Health - skip thirty times without a break
✓ Service - carry a message of at least twelve words in her head for over five minutes and deliver it correctly

 Photos and information from 'Guiding Through Time'

available from Girlguiding Scotland