GUIDES 1930-1945 - Margaret

GG-1930-small.jpgA dark blue cotton dress was introduced for Guides in 1929 and was very popular throughout the 1930s.
However the skirt and shirt could also be worn as an alternative. In the 1940s skirts were worn shorter. This reflected the fashion of the period and the fact that material for clothes was scarce during the war years.

GG-1930-2.jpg GG-1930-3.jpg
How did the war affect the Guides?
During the war Guides did a lot of extra First Aid and gained Red Cross certificates. The Red Cross was the main charity then and they raised money for it with Bake Sales and Concerts. Other special wartime activities were collecting sheep's wool from fences and gathering rose hips to make syrup. One curious collection was gathering cotton reels, which were made of wood in those days, apparently for the RAF!

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