Girlguiding Norfolk Archive

So what's it all about?

Each Guiding County Archive is unique; it is the method by which the development of Guiding in that county is recorded and kept.  Of course, it has elements of national Guiding and the developement of the movement in the UK but mostly it is a record of Guiding in the the national was translated into the local and then into the unit.  It is a record of the unique parts of our County, the women and thier stories, the local challenge badges, the county, division, district and unit events that will have no other record.  It is a resource by which we can learn old knowledge and skills that remain relevant to today's movement.

However, the "archive" is actually two things, the collection; the badges, the books, the cups, the ephemera of the county ...and the archive proper; the log books, the accounts, the photos, the minutes, the "paperwork" of the county.  Both have a place and both are valuable and useful to us.

... and what happens?

The archive is looked after by the County Archivist, each archivist will have a different style by which they develop this area.  In Norfolk the archive is primarily a resource for the membership to use in delivering the current programme.

~Unit Resources

"Handling boxes" or loan boxes designed to support the unit leader, (see our resource pages for whats currently available)

~Annual Residential Archive Weekends 

Each year since 2008 the Archive Team have run a themed residential weekend.  The aim of these weekends is to allow the membership to explore a different aspect of the Archive, to share experiences, to learn something new and above all to have fun!

2008 Archive and Arts; Scrapbooking, how to record your own Guiding History and the care of the photographs in the Archive.

2009 No residential due to the plotting and planning of centenary events.

2010 Uniform Parade; what exactly do we have in the way of old uniform?  We found the answer was lots, but this resulted in a whole heap of recording, planning and development of resources.

2011 Archived Seniors; A weekend for those wishing to be "of service to thier community" and work on some of the projects on the go in the archive.

2012 Treasure Trove; The archive is more than old things, dust and boxes...we went treasure hunting amongst the archive collection and were sucessful too!

2013 I "heart" Badges; We all like a badge or two; this year we dove into the county collection and explored what we have, what we needed and how best to use and love them.

2014 Big Brownie Birthday Badge Bonanza; this year was all about Brownies and the completion of programme resources to loan out.

2015 Super Senior Section Archive Weekend; Its all about the Senior Section, in preparation of next years centenary. 

2016 This event is in the planning...

~ Living History Camps

The archive is the source of primary information by which the County can put on these events, hoping each year to improve and learn from the last we aim to encourage a greater love and understanding of our Guiding Heritage by living it.

~ A point of contact

Answering enquiries from the membership and general public about all aspects of Girlguiding Heritage.

~ Archive Building

A much larger and longer project...