Old Uniforms

overview.jpgAs part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004 Girlguiding Scotland held an exhibition of Brownie and Guide uniforms from 1909 to the present day. The exhibition had nearly a thousand visitors from all over the world and it was such a success that it was extended for another week. It shows real uniforms displayed at the exhibition which belonged to past and present Brownies and Guides.

The information comes from research from original handbooks (P.O.R.'s etc), CHQ resources (such as the Girlguiding UK website, "History Now" and "1910 and Then") as well as advice from Guiding Archivists. It represents the official uniforms of most eras. Not every variation or minor change in the uniform can be represented, particularly as girls often wore items that were available at the time or inherited from big sisters or borrowed from the Unit.

We are very grateful to Girlguiding Scotland for allowing us to share this excellent information on our Heritage website. If you want to buy your own copy of their book Guiding Through Time, see http://www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk/Publication/index.html

GUIDES 1946-1963 - Patricia

GG-1946-small.jpgIn 1946 a major change in Guide Uniform was introduced, with a brighter blue shirt worn tucked into a navy blue skirt. The headwear became a navy blue felt beret.
The brown tie and lanyard on this uniform show she was also a Brownie Pack Leader.

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GUIDES 1964-1980 - Sarah

GG-1964-small.jpgThe next new look was in 1964 when an air-hostess style hat was introduced. The shirt at first was changed to a three-quarter length and then back to full sleeves.
The late 60s and early 70s were the era of the mini skirt when skirts were generally worn above the knee.

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GUIDES 1990-1999 - Jessica

GG-1990-small.jpgThe Girl Guides was re-named The Guide Association in 1994.
Jeff Banks designed the new range for the Guides in 1990. The new look consisted of mix and match separates which included sweatshirt, trousers and a baseball cap.

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GUIDES 2000 - 2016 Emily

GG-2000-small.jpgTo go with the Guide Section Renewal in 2000, new items of Guide wear were introduced, designed by catwalk designer Ally Capellino.
The new t-shirt, gilet, rugby shirt and sweatshirt are mid blue and dark blue, with red detail and a Guides logo label.

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